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Amazon SDE Internship Interview Tips

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Interview format and what to expect in the interview

  • Interview format will be mostly same as Geeksforgeeks Amazon 6months intern Interview experience
  • After the online coding round, there will be virtual interviews scheduled which will assess you on Data Structures & Algorithms and Problem solving.


(Here’s a bonus meme if you’ve watched GoT 😛)

  • Interviews will be virtual and will be on a video conferencing app such as Amazon Chime and coding should be done on a text editor (not IDE)


  • You will be expected to write real working code (not pseudo code) in any programming language you are comfortable in (C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript etc).
  • The interview will be more about how you approach and solve the problem rather than knowing the most efficient solution. So, Ask clarifying questions, discuss the approach you have in mind and only start coding after confirmation from the interviewer. (Remember to “Think out loud”)


  • Write code with good variable names, with proper segregation using functions. Try to follow OOPS concepts.


So, how to prepare for the interview?



  • Feel free to reach out to me through contact details on About page.
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